Letters to the Editor

Trump supporters disparage decency

Donald Trump supporters apparently think that “political correctness” is destroying this country. Trump is not politically correct, and he will say in public what his supporters will only say among themselves in private.

His supporters privately disparage minorities and “uppity” women, characterize the poor as lazy, label liberals as communists and share conspiracy theories about government plots to take away their guns and religious beliefs. They equate tolerance to a lack of morals and see diplomacy as a sign of weakness.

However, contrary to what most extreme right-wing conservatives might believe, there is nothing necessarily artificial or constraining about political correctness. Political correctness is merely seeing the world through the eyes of those who are either different from us and/or less fortunate than us.

Sadly, when Trump supporters criticize political correctness, what they are in fact disparaging is common decency and compassion for others.

Allan Cooper, San Luis Obispo