Letters to the Editor

Phillips 66 rail extension needed for jobs

In a letter on Dec. 16, Ms. Arlene Carol made several interesting comments (“Not all have ‘full confidence,’ ” Dec. 17) that confirm my thoughts that some will cling to any belief, right or wrong, that supports their own motives. She stated concern about diesel emissions from “this” Phillips 66 oil train but made no mention or concern about emissions from other freight and passenger trains currently passing through this county weekly. And she notes the “crumbling” condition of the Arroyo Creek bridge yet no concern for the thousands of passengers that cross that bridge every year. The points mentioned seem hypocritical since conditions are fine for one party but not for another.

Full disclosure, I am an employee of Phillips 66. I believe that having a safe and reliable source of crude supply to our plant helps to ensure the livelihood of 200 full-time employees. We currently have limited access to local crudes due to the Plains pipeline shutdown. Even if this is temporary, it emphasizes the need for alternate sources of crude to help meet California’s fuel demand and provide quality jobs for this community.

I have lived in this area over 50 years, and the proposed rail extension project would be in my backyard. I support this project.

Vince Romero, Arroyo Grande