Letters to the Editor

Climate protest could have picked a greener platform

Letter writer Steven Pax assumes I’m missing the point regarding a peace sign made up of kayaks and paddleboards by a small group protesting climate change (“The bigger picture on climate change,” Dec. 15).

We can certainly agree with Mr. Pax that everyone, including climate change activists, must eat and travel, etc. I get it. He continues, “as large as (the world) is, we humans are in the process of making it uninhabitable. However, we can make decisions that preserve and protect it.” He goes on: “Global energy policies” matter now, and the small group of “kayaks and paddles are not significant.”

Mr. Pax may not want to admit that the outdoor sporting market is massive, and very global. Over the past decade, over 3.3 million kayaks were sold in the U.S. alone, with plastics, rubber, paints and chemicals being important inputs. If one has never been to a large-scale plastics processing facility or a kayak manufacturing plant, then one would be truly missing my point. If the climate demonstrators indeed despise the “large-scale” production of oil, plastics, resins and other pollutants, I’m simply suggesting that choosing a greener platform from which to clutch a megaphone might be in order.

What’s the half-life on 3 million plastic kayaks?

Andy Murphy, Arroyo Grande