Letters to the Editor

Wines’ alcohol content: It’s getting too ‘hot’ and heavy

TNS/Los Angeles Times

I am glad there are others who are concerned about the high alcohol content in wine.

When I wrote a wine writer and used the word “hot” to describe some of today’s wines I was, basically, told that I was crazy. That same writer then used “hot” to describe wines in later columns.

I have saved bottles and labels over many years from 1919 (a Chambertin, no alcohol content listed) to the highest concentration of only 13.1 percent (a 1971 Mazis-Chambertin). The Heitz Cellar (Martha’s Vineyard) cabernet sauvignons (1968 and 1973) were the highest California alcohol concentrations at 13 percent.

I am not sure why wines have become so alcoholic, but it is ridiculous in some cases. I have one wine in my cellar at 17.5 percent and another at 16.7 percent. I might as well be drinking port.

Rick Tibben, Nipomo