Letters to the Editor

Resources available to children with speech problems

I cringed when I read your article “Camp Hapitok closes after 45 years of helping kids with speech disorders,” Dec. 16. To be honest, the article made very sad. Camp Hapitok obviously did such great work to help children with speech problems, and the fact that it had to close because of funding is a shame.

I just want to mention to your readers the little known fact that every child in the U.S. with a speech problem has the right to free speech therapy from preschool to through high school. This free therapy is the result of federal legislation in the 1970s. The Stuttering Foundation website (www.stutteringhelp.org) has a brochure titled, “Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter,” which explains the free therapy. The free speech therapy encompasses all speech problems. The website of this nonprofit organization also offers many free resources for children who stutter.

I only wish that some celebrities could get involved in a grassroots campaign to save Camp Hapitok through a crowdfunding effort that could receive national attention.

Edward Herrington, Longmeadow, Mass.