Letters to the Editor

Arroyo Grande water school is an innovative way to encourage conservation

Thank you, Kaytlyn Leslie, for a very good article about the city of Arroyo Grande’s “water school” (“In Arroyo Grande, water school is in session,” Dec. 19). The article was well-written, informative and portrayed conservation in a positive light. Many water consumers consider only their own inconvenience or loss of landscaping investment when deciding how much water to use. The city’s water school seemed to give a more statewide idea of the perilous condition of our water resources, and it is encouraging to see the city using innovative methods to encourage conservation.

It was funny to see Shane Taylor quoted as saying he is not a teacher. I can tell you that in the short time we worked together, he taught me a great deal about the city’s water and utility systems. I told him many times that he should have been a teacher.

To everyone, keep up the good work.

Doug Perrin, San Luis Obispo