Letters to the Editor

Nacimiento funds could have gone a lot farther

The city of Paso Robles made the right choice spending $77 million to bring in and treat Nacimiento water (“Paso Robles spending nearly $77 million to increase water supplies,” Dec. 26). But besides securing sustainable water supplies, Paso Robles could have used that money to secure for its residents a vibrant sustainable economy lasting beyond the project.

Cities that enter into Project Labor Agreements find the public dollars spent on such infrastructure projects multiplied in local stores, restaurants, gas stations and the ability to buy or rent a home by a factor of 450 to 750 percent. Through the guarantee that a Project Labor Agreement imposes for the hiring of Paso Robles residents, the city could have turned that $77 million into $346.5 to $577.5 million dollars coursing through the lifeblood of Paso Robles’ economy.

Stew Jenkins, San Luis Obispo