Letters to the Editor

America can find strength and conquer evil

I was just 3 years old when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. On Jan. 10, 1943, my uncle, Stanley Carlisle, went down with the USS Argonaut and 104 other crew members in a fight with a Japanese fleet. His older grieving brother, my father, joined the Marines, even though he was medically disabled, and fought in the South Pacific until the surrender of Japan.

Although America was not inclined to join that war, the Japanese invasion sealed the deal, and within four years of total American dedication, we emerged the world leader, most other industrial nations having been entirely exhausted of human and industrial resources. That was the first and last time since the Civil War that the cause was so clear, and the victory so complete.

Now, there is another enemy whose evil is publicly taunting the West. Their resources and numbers are not nearly what we faced in WWII. But we seem baffled by the configuration of this new battlefield. Wisdom is called for, and patience. Avoid hysteria and fear. Let reason reign. In our diversity, we will find strength and conquer evil once again.

James Carlisle, Atascadero