Letters to the Editor

Tea Partiers make Republicans look liberal

Liberal pundit, my foot!

I practically choked on my fried free-range egg reading Allen Litten’s depiction of Kathleen Parker as a liberal pundit! (“Where was Obama’s concern?” Dec. 3.) I’ve been choking on her conservative balderdash for years! She’s only a “liberal” in one sense: The Republican Party and their offshoots, the Tea Partiers, have gone off the deep-end into cuckoo-dom, leaving traditional conservative pundits high and dry.

On a more positive note, bouquets to The Tribune for publishing Silas Lyons’ very intelligent comparison of ISIS to the Branch Davidians (“What Branch Davidians can teach us about ISIS,” Dec. 3). Lyons leaves out one important detail: With the Waco, Texas, situation, the government was considered to be overzealous, but with ISIS, the government is considered by the Republicans to be too timid. And they have the temerity to blame President Barack Obama for a situation that has deep historical roots. To top it all off, the Republican front-runner in the presidential race, Donald Trump, claims that President Obama is a Muslim.

Tom Neuhaus, San Luis Obispo