Letters to the Editor

Charge a fee for risky guns and weapons

Our country seems unique in our quantity of intentional gun-related injuries and deaths. And while all countries have the mentally ill and violently radical types of people who are prone to cause these acts, somehow they don’t have our large number of incidents. It seems inescapable to me that the ease of obtaining weapons is the main problem.

One possible start to fixing this gun problem here would be to mandate a transaction fee for every firearm sale. The fee would be more expensive for weapons that posed more risk, such as assault rifles and handguns. The imposition of an extra fee still allows people to purchase these items. And even though the black market transactions could not be prevented, the added transaction fee of legally obtained weapons would still force the black market prices upward, making them also more difficult to obtain. And limiting gun sales to the wealthy is still reducing the overall number of guns in circulation.

Imagine how many of the past year’s tragedies could have been prevented if the perpetrators had been required to pay an extra $10,000 for each assault rifle and an extra $7,000 for each handgun.

Something needs to be done besides prayer for the injured and condemnation of the bad guys. That’s not been working so far.

Frederick Thom, San Luis Obispo