Letters to the Editor

Climate change action is needed

It’s a sad state of affairs when the United States cannot sign a binding treaty to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because our president knows that Congress wouldn’t sign it.

It’s disgraceful that most Republicans in Congress deny that climate change exists and/or that human actions have caused it.

The procrastination of the past decades has just “kicked the can down the road” so that our children, grandchildren and their children will have to suffer from extreme weather events — floods, droughts, crop failures, mass extinctions of plants and animals, release of harmful methane gas from melting glaciers and scarcity of drinking water in many countries that could lead to water wars.

Future generations will blame us for electing such cowardly and ignorant politicians instead of kicking them all out of office.

But wait — maybe the voters will wake up in time for 2016 and refuse to vote for any candidate at whatever level (national, state, local) who will not make a commitment to passing legislation that will combat climate change, and only vote for those who pledge to sign international agreements that would accomplish that goal.

Judith Bernstein, Arroyo Grande