Letters to the Editor

Perks and payouts need to stop now

Well, the Dec. 12 article on “Paying coaches not to work” just was — for me, anyway — another nail in the coffin of this kind of perk; most often, or so it seems of late, in either government or sports (and these people are at the high end of earnings — earnings many will never see) they get paid when they’re not working, and because of “contracts” or other such things, they are not only paid while their “case” is reviewed, but also given huge payouts.

I think there is a huge discrepancy here in terms of fairness. These payouts are often made from either tax dollars (from you and me when it comes to government employees!) or student fees — and aren’t we trying to lower the latter, or am I wrong?

Of “course” the public cannot be made aware of the reasons for their dismissal — proprietary information — but I think this needs to stop now so they are not given these kinds of perks at all — right up front — but rather treated such as many in employment are: Two weeks’ notice, and that’s all you get in salary, too, folks!

Carol Kiessig, Templeton