Letters to the Editor

Clinton evolves as Sanders grows popular

In recent weeks, Hillary Clinton has started hitting the nail on the head. She has talked about a rigged economic system giving billion-dollar tax breaks to multinational corporations. She has talked about the hardships of families working two jobs and still not being able to meet their needs. She has talked about corporate executives making millions of dollars while paying their full-time workers wages so low that they qualify for food stamps. And she even finally stopped accepting campaign cash from private prison corporations.

These are all new issues for her that she has apparently “evolved” on. Hillary has evolved rapidly as Bernie Sanders has been riding a wave of support after speaking out about these issues for his 40 years in public office. He has had a strong following among a bipartisan base of supporters throughout those years and has mobilized an army of people demanding a government that isn’t sold to the highest bidder.

We are fed up trying to get ahead in an economy that has no problem socializing the risk accumulated on Wall Street but is ideologically unable to offer basic protections for consumers.

Cody King, Nipomo