Letters to the Editor

Not voting contributes to a theocratic oligarchy in the United States

In a previous letter, I have stated that one of the political parties in power has consistently suppressed the vote across a good part of this country with the excuse of curbing voter fraud (the biggest load of “fertilizer” I have heard in this country). This is a sad state of affairs in a representative democracy, but I am confident that it will eventually be solved.

I believe, however, that we have a condition that might have no cure: voter apathy.

There is a substantial number of American voters who are glad to get the freedom and opportunities from living in America but are not civically educated enough to go vote every time there is an election. The reasons for this behavior probably fall under three categories:

1. Cannot take the time to vote. Rather watch a football game.

2. Not interested in politics.

3. Believes his/her vote will make no difference.

Unfortunately, this attitude plays in the hands of voters who do believe in the importance of showing up to vote, and they have created, with the help of big money and other things, a theocratic oligarchy.

The next time I hear somebody tell me that they are not interested in politics and/or they do not believe their vote will make any difference, I will tell them precisely where to put that statement.

Fabrizio Griguoli, Shell Beach