Letters to the Editor

John Peschong got it right on Salinan/Chumash dispute

There is only one reason why the Salinan people would climb to the top of Morro Rock for the winter and summer solstices. They are checking our Earth’s delicate balance in space. The species they are trying to protect from annihilation is the human species. Many ancient cultures around the world have done the same ceremony for centuries and included the equinox, the point in time where Earth is in perfect balance, half night and half daylight.

I do not understand why one powerful, wealthy, lawyered-up Native tribe would try and restrict a smaller, poor, unlawyered tribe from completing a ceremony for all humanity (“Let Salinan Tribe climb Morro Rock for religious ceremony,” Nov. 1).

What are they afraid of?

The falcons are endangered, just like the rest of us. The bears are coming into towns to find food as there is nothing for them to eat in the forest, sea otter pups are being abandoned on the beach because their mothers can’t feed them, shellfish are dying by the millions, our tides are at an all-time high, and that’s just what has been reported in the paper for the past few weeks.

If the Chumash are really interested in the environment, perhaps they should close their casino, turn off the electricity, plow up the road, regenerate their ceremonies and have their lawyer plant a garden in the area for their people.

The only living thing disturbed by a few humans climbing to the top of Morro Rock twice a year, is a lawyer working for the Chumash tribe. John Peschong got it right.

Thomas O. Mills, Paso Robles