Letters to the Editor

Chumash marine sanctuary has support

Although “Environmentalists, fishermen clash over proposed Chumash marine sanctuary” (Nov. 28) made for a catchy news hook, when I read the sanctuary nomination documents, the reality looks very different. Sens. Fran Pavley and Hannah-Beth Jackson, Assemblyman Das Williams, the city of San Luis Obispo, UCSB’s Bren School, the Cambria Fishing Club, Patagonia, the state Coastal Commission, etc., support the nomination. It’s worth reading.

It turns out that the Central Coast is just about the only part of California’s coastal waters that isn’t protected by a national marine sanctuary, and it may be the part that most deserves to be.

We should all be thanking the above-mentioned folks for supporting this initiative and the Chumash for bringing it forward.

Beverly Cohen, San Luis Obispo