Letters to the Editor

Republicans a greater threat to America

Congratulations, Wayne LaPierre! With the shootings Wednesday in San Bernardino and Savannah, Ga., your NRA boys are setting new records for mass shootings this year! You should send thank-yous (and contributions) to all the Republican presidential candidates whose hate/fear-mongering is pushing up your body count. We could definitely use a soldier with your killing ability in the Middle East!

But I do have a suggestion: You’d get better PR (and do the world much more good) if you would shift your hate/fear-mongering from Mexicans, poor people, gays, liberals, non-Christians, refugees, immigrants and Planned Parenthood to Republicans. Republicans represent a far greater threat to America than the current targets of your hate/fear campaign.

I also think it would be better if you quit encouraging your “faithful” to apply the “Second Amendment remedy” to the current objects of your hate/fear. Encouraging too much killing might wake some of the NRA and Fox “bubble folks” from their right-wing stupor!!

Tom Wallace, Nipomo