Letters to the Editor

All terrorism is bad

The outpouring of sympathy to France is perfectly understood.

However, isn’t it odd you haven’t heard anything remotely similar when: A Russian plane was recently shot down in Egypt, killing 200 Russians; thousands of Muslims, Yazidis, Yemenites, Christians and others are butchered, ruthlessly tortured, raped, enslaved and beheaded daily throughout the Middle East and elsewhere by the very same terrorists? Instead, you may have heard that the Agense France Press has published a list of worldwide terror attacks since 9/11, including, of course, those in Madrid, London, Mumbai, Kenya and many others.

The one country most conspicuously missing from that list was Israel. Apparently, according to AFP, there have been no terror attacks in Israel since 9/11. The world leaders now gratuitously vowing revenge are chronically and glaringly admonishing Israel when it dares defend itself from the very same barbaric terrorists since long before 9/11.

Unless and until the world finally understands that Israel has been in the very forefront of the fight against radical terrorist Islam — and that all terrorism is bad — the threat of that terror will continue and most probably increase, including here.

You can’t win a war when you refuse to name the enemy.

Amir Burstein, San Luis Obispo