Letters to the Editor

Why I’m staying in California

Goodbye, Arthur Young.

You’re leaving the good weather, nice communities, and all those different California schools and universities you attended that provided you the academic background to hold those jobs at various California businesses and that position as an adjunct lecturer at Cal Poly (“Why we’re leaving a changed California,” letters, Nov. 22).

You’re leaving because you have to pay taxes in California, which you seem to find surprising. Those schools and universities you attended do come with a cost. A cost covered by the taxes we, you and I, pay.

I’m a fourth- or maybe it is a fifth-generation Californian (my family got here in the early 1700s), and I thank California and Earl Warren for those schools and universities because they provided me with the academic background for my career. But here is where you and I part company, because I feel the taxes I pay can never fully repay California for what it gave me. So I’m staying here.

As for you, Arthur — adios. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and maybe somebody else will pay your share.

Gerry Finn, Paso Robles