Letters to the Editor

Syrian refugees deserve understanding

I was pleased to see the article by Eleanor Mueller about the Syrian family that has successfully found refuge and a new life in the United States (Insight, Nov. 18). It always helps to put a human face on an issue that has stirred up so much angst and debate in our country.

Social media is awash with videos claiming to show swarms of faceless refugees about to embark on our shores to invade our homes and impregnate our women. But, in fact, each refugee has a tragic story of being uprooted from their homes because of war and violence.

I was heartbroken to read how this family lost a newborn when the hospital was bombed. Thanks for publishing this piece, and I hope that readers can see that each and every refugee will have a similar story. They deserve our compassionate understanding and welcome, not our rejection based on ignorance and fear.

Barry Rands, San Luis Obispo