Letters to the Editor

Trans-Pacific Partnership needs more attention

Tucked away on the last page of The Tribune’s Nov. 6 issue can be found a small article (“Job creator or job killer? A look at the Pacific trade deal”) on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The biggest trade deal in the history of the world that would cover 40 percent of the world’s economy only received five paragraphs.

The TPP is a race to the bottom.

Experts such as former Secretary of Treasury Robert Reich claim the TPP will export millions of American jobs to countries such as Vietnam, where they pay workers $0.60 per hour.

At the same time, the TPP will relax import laws, allowing human-waste-fed shrimp from Vietnam to be sold in America.

The TPP only benefits the top 1 percent and will turn the U.S. into a developing nation.

This should be front-page news because it concerns us all. A free press is designed to educate the masses and notify them about real issues.

The TPP is a corporate coup d’état, and The Tribune has the duty of informing the public of impending danger. Since it was neatly hidden on Page 9A, I feel it my duty to inform the public what the treasonous politicians and multinational corporations are trying achieve behind our backs.

Josh Payne, Morro Bay