Letters to the Editor

Change the Second Amendment, then

Time and again lately, I see letters to The Tribune deploring the criminal use of guns and vilifying the National Rifle Association and legitimate gun owners for insisting on exercising their constitutional rights.

I’m left wondering — maybe Americans have changed to where they no longer respect the Second Amendment and its right to keep and bear arms.

Very well. This nation is a nation of laws. If the American people now truly abhor the right to privately owned guns, then let them change it according to the law. Let them nullify the right to keep and bear arms with a new constitutional amendment repealing the Second Amendment, much like prohibition was repealed in the last century.

Let’s not become a nation of scofflaws; ignoring and infringing on a legal constitutional right, turning the Second Amendment into empty, meaningless words on an ancient piece of parchment.

John D. Braun, Paso Robles