Letters to the Editor

A job well done by the city of Arroyo Grande

I have been a resident of Arroyo Grande for 20 years. Recently, I expressed concern for what I believed was an oversight on East Branch Street. Initially I had hoped I would be able to speak with someone at our City Hall, located in The Village, just about a block from where I live. This particular area of East Branch Street has people traveling on it at ridiculous speeds, at all hours of the day, with every conceivable type of vehicle coming and going.

Along with five other homes that share three separate driveways, we have had to literally struggle getting in and out of our driveways to access the roadway — in part, because vehicular parking has always been allowed, and as a result, there is a total obstruction of vision. I took my concern to Matt Horn, our city engineer. Matt immediately listened to my concern and gathered the necessary information. From there, the subject was presented at a Traffic Commission meeting with residents standing by to comment. All five members of our Traffic Commission voted to paint the curbside red. On behalf of all five residents who have been impacted for so many years, we thank our city for a job well done!

Steven Markovits, Arroyo Grande