Letters to the Editor

Allegations against Judge John Trice are unfair

San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge John Trice.
San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge John Trice. ldickinson@thetribunenews.com

In regard to the above-the-fold-front-page-with-unflattering-photo treatment you gave the allegations against Judge John Trice (“SLO judge accused of misconduct,” Oct. 29), I would have hoped The Tribune would have waited to see whether anything came of this tempest in a teapot. How the allegations surfaced at this early stage is a wonder, since such matters are usually confidential. Nevertheless, having worked with Judge Trice for over 27 years, I think a great disservice was done to him both by The Tribune and former Assistant Presiding Judge Dodie Harman.

He is an honorable man and an incredibly hardworking judge. He was right: He is an elected official and does not work for Harman, as much as she might like to micromanage him. Having fought unfavorable stereotypes of women in law my entire career as a female attorney since 1977, it is unfortunate to see a female in power making such silly accusations.

Karen Gray, Avila Beach