Letters to the Editor

Shell Beach homeowner was in the wrong

Thank you for your factual coverage of Mr. Mike Spangler’s activities (“Shell Beach homeowner suing city over zoning dispute,” Nov. 5.) on his property along Shell Beach Road.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Spangler finds himself above the law. His choice to blatantly ignore the zoning and laws related to his property have cost residents and staff of Pismo Beach both financial and personal resources. The situation seems pretty clear based on the facts. When he purchased the property, he did so knowing that it was designated open space. His efforts to develop it despite the clarity of this designation show a disrespect for the law and for the residents of this community.

When this issue went to the Pismo Beach City Council last year, supporters of further development on this property were vastly outnumbered by residents who follow city zoning on their own property and expect others to do the same. Spangler’s supporters included a woman who didn’t even realize that the property was located in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District as well as other property owners attempting to skirt the open-space designation on their own property.

The city is protecting the rights and property values of all citizens in the community by enforcing code in this situation.

Rosemary Canfield, Pismo Beach