Letters to the Editor

Los Osos CSD should be given chance to do more

It’s easy to fall back into the “there they go again” narrative about the Los Osos Community Services District. Yes, we had a bad audit. Yes, the CSD was bankrupt (almost 10 years ago). Yes, some people are still arguing about the sewer.

But there is more going on here than that. The triumphs outweigh the defeats in the past few years. We exited bankruptcy, have maintained service levels and have fully funded the fire department. Last month, we ended over 10 years of litigation about the future of our water supply. We are also moving forward with expanding parks and recreation services.

As we move forward, we need to have a conversation about the CSD’s mission. Some argue for its dissolution. They raise many valid points about whether the CSD is even needed just to run a water supplier and to outsource a contract for fire protection. I believe that we should also consider the other direction, toward building capacity and providing more and more services locally and making more decisions at a local level.

This conversation will be informed by both our successes and our failures of late, but it’s one we need to have.

Jon-Erik Storm, Los Osos