Letters to the Editor

Almost-collision could have ended very differently for youth

I almost killed someone’s child on Pine Avenue in Los Osos on a recent night. It would have been one of those split-second, life-altering moments for him and me. He would have been hit by a car and thrown from his skateboard onto the road (or into a fence or a tree), and I would have been someone who terribly hurt or killed a child.

It was very dark. I looked both ways, two times. But I was looking for headlights, not a young man flying down the road on a skateboard. I saw him in my headlights for a second, his arms in the air as if to say, “See me! Don’t hit me!” I did see him — thank God. I was able to react quickly — thank God. But, if I had been looking right instead of left when I pulled out …

He probably told his friends the next day, “Ha! I almost got nailed on Pine last night; you shoulda seen it!” While I was telling my friends, “I almost killed someone. I could have gone to prison.” If not a physical prison, an eternal prison of the heart. Youth does not equal infallibility. It just seems that way.

Christine Ahern, Los Osos