Letters to the Editor

NIMBY concerns don’t trump climate change survival

CO2 or windmills?

News reports abound about the observed negative impacts of global warming and our responses to these problems.

Recent reports detail profound impacts to our marine ecosystem from warming and ocean acidification. Another report details warnings from the International Energy Agency about our failure to shift to renewable energy generation rapidly enough to limit average global warming to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regarding our response to global warming, news from around California is, at best, confusing. While state fire officials were meeting with President Barack Obama regarding adaptation strategies for our “new normal” (drought, heat and forest fires), officials in Kern County paved the way for faster oil drilling. Then, instead of jubilation over a proposed floating wind generation farm off the Morro Bay coast, local environmental group spokespeople voiced doubt and opposition, in part based on concern about appearance.

Really, folks? You would prefer higher carbon emissions to glimpsing windmills 15 miles off our coastline? Perhaps we really do need to adjust our sense of aesthetics. As Bob Wolf pointed out in his recent letter (“Clotheslines are a thing of beauty,” Nov. 9), clotheslines are beautiful, and so, I believe, are wind turbines and solar panels. NIMBY concerns do not trump our survival.

Sharon Rippner, San Luis Obispo