Letters to the Editor

Complaints against Judge John Trice reminiscent of high school cliques

I am dismayed at the judicial infighting exposed in the article about the superior court (Superior court conflict, “SLO judge accused of misconduct,” Oct. 30).

It seems to me that the charges being made about Judge John Trice are reminiscent of the cliques many of us faced in high school.

I’ve worked with the judge for more than two years on the Veterans Treatment Court. As a co-coordinator for the court’s mentoring program, I have witnessed firsthand his sensitivity and understanding of the challenges our veterans face as they return to our community.

Having served in many roles in the Air Force, Judge Trice is intimately aware of what it takes to guide our veterans back. Mentors and veterans alike greatly admire his hard work, good guidance, understanding and his integrity.

Judge Trice’s commitment emerges from the sacred obligation he feels to help those who have served, especially combat vets.

Time and again, I have witnessed his willingness to go the extra mile, in the hope of healing the harm which came to vets while serving our country. We are extremely fortunate to have Judge Trice in the Veterans Court and it makes me sad beyond words that this honorable man has become the victim of rumor and innuendo.

Pete Pepper, San Luis Obispo