Letters to the Editor

San Luis Obispo County supervisors not as conservative as they say

This week, the Board of Supervisors narrowly passed the countywide Water Conservation Plan. Curiously, the two dissenting Supervisors (Lynn Compton, District 4 and Debbie Arnold, District 5) claim to support balanced budgets, finding ways to do more with less and avoiding deficit spending — values that define “fiscal conservative.” These two supervisors call themselves conservative. Maybe when it comes to money, but they don’t seem very conservative when it comes to our water.

Groundwater basins are the “banks” for this life-sustaining resource and our local accounts are overdrawn with no sizable deposits predicted in the foreseeable future. We are “deficit spending” our water resources.

Compton and Arnold have offered little in the way of viable solutions for the long term health of our county’s most vital resource. Instead, they have allowed ideology, rather than well-proven facts, to drive their obstruction of thoughtful governance, such as a water conservation plan. Representing special interests is extremely short-sighted, not consistent with the Board of Supervisors motto “Not For Ourselves Alone” and is not “conservative.” County residents need to realize how each supervisors’ votes impact all of us. We all deserve responsible, genuine leadership.

Laurie Gage, Paso Robles