Letters to the Editor

Conservatives have made themselves irrelevant

If you were impressed by the House Benghazi hearings, just wait for the newly formed committee to investigate Planned Parenthood. Sure to once again provide much more heat than light at considerable cost, it promises to continue a troubling trend toward base Republican obsessions at the expense of getting anything of substance done. Beyond that, their stated goal is to vehemently oppose anything coming from President Barack Obama and the Democrats that might help the country and the lives of the people they are supposedly representing.

On social issues, the right has succeeded in making itself irrelevant. From gay marriage to access to contraception to voting rights to some reasonable federal limits on gun ownership, increasing majorities want to ensure that gains made over the past several decades are not lost and that we persevere in the effort to make this a more perfect union. Economically, rebuilding the country’s infrastructure while increasing the minimum wage to a living wage will create long-term growth. Coupled with ever-cleaner, renewable energy production, we reap the twin benefits of sustainable economic growth and a cleaner environment.

The choices in the next election will be stark. As Bob Dylan said, “Which side are you on?”

Ken McDaniel, Arroyo Grande