Letters to the Editor

Fennacy should surrender law license

I could hardly believe the actions of John Patrick Fennacy — a lawyer specializing in elder law and estate planning allegedly stealing $65,000 or more from his elderly clients (County Roundup, “Estate attorney convicted in M.B.,” Oct. 30).

I support the action requiring him to surrender his law license after being convicted of stealing from elderly clients who placed their trust in him.

Fennacy was also one of the crew who led a campaign to recall Mayor Jamie Irons. Thank goodness the citizens of Morro Bay refused to support Fennacy and his cohorts in that venture. Unlike Fennacy, Mayor Irons has honored his office and served admirably for the citizens of Morro Bay.

The public should be able to trust the professionals who serve and protect us. When they abuse that trust and take advantage of their position to prey on or abuse average citizens, they should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. Thankfully, most professionals' actions meet high standards which enhances their stature and earns our respect.

Bruce Badrigian, Morro Bay