Letters to the Editor

Judge John Trice has support

For the past two years, I have served in San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge John Trice’s Veterans Treatment Court as a veteran mentor. Before retiring, after 40 years in law enforcement, I finally found a court that meets the needs of the community, the victims, the taxpayers and the veteran defendants.

Every veteran defendant I have mentored or have known in the program states they are more concerned that a probation violation would be an embarrassment to Judge Trice than of their being returned to jail. Maybe this, along with the almost nonexistent recidivism rate, is the reason he continues to receive the full support of both of our county’s domestic violence programs and the written endorsement from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

One of the first things Judge Trice did after receiving this assignment was to attend a week’s training in Washington, D.C. In my 40 years of law enforcement, that is a first.

Ron Waltman, Paso Robles