Letters to the Editor

Focus on issues, not witch hunts

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was interrogated for 11 hours regarding the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, by Republican senators, mostly lawyers, a subject thoroughly investigated months ago. She answered every question professionally and articulately, while one interrogator looked around the room, scanned his notes and didn’t seem to be interested in her answers! He just kept firing questions at her. A total waste of taxpayer time and money.

The only good coming from this experience — this witch hunt — is that it triumphantly endorsed her as the skilled secretary of state we had at the helm of our country and the best candidate for president of the United States. She has focused on health care, education and national issues her whole career. These political antics only drew attention to her foreign policy experience poise in a time of a crisis.

I know we are approaching the final year of campaigning, and there will no doubt be other red herrings raised, but I hope candidates will focus on the issues. Every candidate should be offering solutions to societal problems — grassroots issues every candidate should be discussing, not wasting our time on witch hunts. Both parties should be supporting worthy candidates who have shown they get things done. And if they haven’t, they have no right running for office.

Christie Withers, San Luis Obispo