Letters to the Editor

Mutual respect appreciated in political talk

For a primer on what’s wrong with politics today on both sides of the aisle, just read Tom Fulks’ column in The Tribune on Oct. 25 (“The unpleasant truth about the GOP”). He demonizes the people he disagrees with, but note that he carefully avoids discussing any specific issues. Never to be diverted in his tirade by facts or positions, he maligns 40 to 50 percent of the American population as “malevolent and … a malignancy.”

Apparently in Fulks’ world, only those who agree with him have any honor or intelligence. The rest of us are “racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic and history-challenged bigots.”

I enjoy discussing relevant issues like Planned Parenthood, immigration, the Middle East conflict, police violence and many others with those who have varied points of view. I learn from others and their perspective and hopefully can adequately express mine. I appreciate the mutual respect in these discussions. And I hope I never devolve to hate and despise someone simply because their politics are different from mine.

Steve Sainsbury, San Luis Obispo