Letters to the Editor

American-caused deaths served greater purpose

Re: “Look in the mirror, mass murderer” from Oct. 23. Please keep in mind that these “peoples killed or displaced” (that you are clearly insinuating came at American hands) has served the greater purpose of sparing more innocent people from ruthless, barbaric, sinister, psychopathic militants and their murderous regimes.

Thanks to the brave men and women serving under oath for what remains the greatest country on Earth (despite systematic weakening of our nation by the current administration), these evil enemies seeking to destroy what humanity is left in this world are being held in check — for now.

Throughout history, under different banners, these inhuman monsters have shown the desire to kill those such as you for nothing more than your nationality or religious beliefs.

Thanks to the sacrifices our troops have always made when placed in harm’s way, you are able to sit in your sunny, peaceful San Luis Obispo County abode and conjure up ignorant metaphors such as that seen in The Tribune on Oct. 23. But if Americans are not willing to use necessary means to pursue these radicals half a world away, they may one day be right at our doorstep. Just ask some journalists in France.

Chris Borgard, San Luis Obispo