Letters to the Editor

Reflection shows you should stop paying taxes

In his letter to The Tribune (“Look in the mirror, mass murderer,” Oct 23), David Broadwater told us that America is a mass-murdering terrorist country, and because Americans pay taxes, they will see a terrorist when they look in a mirror. Let’s go along with that.

If I see someone who I know has looked in the mirror, I will also know that I am looking at a terrorist. I looked in a mirror today, so I must have seen a terrorist. When I went out of my house, others looked at me, but they did not know that I had looked in the mirror, so they did not see a terrorist.

I know that Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton looked in the mirror today. I also know that they pay more taxes than I do. When I now look at them, I see two terrorists who are worse than I, but would be much worse than I without a loophole-savvy accountant to minimize their taxes.

Americans need to keep looking in the mirror and stop paying taxes. Of course, Democrats would cry that the government is being shut down. And President Barack Obama would say that The Tribune letter writer must be a Republican.

Pat Moore, Morro Bay