Letters to the Editor

America will implode from its barbarism on guns

I read the long front-page article on guns entitled “Dead end” in The Tribune’s Oct. 18 edition. All this could be summed up by just admitting that a psychopaths’ lobby has a stranglehold on Congress and anyone entering research fields to study ways of curtailing the plague of gun violence in the U.S. is in danger of threats from the “My Gun is my God” domestic terrorists.

Look, after the Sandy Hook massacre, America decided that the slaughter of little kids is an acceptable price to pay for “freedom.” Hence, a nation that values its killing tools over its children has already lost its soul and is spiritually and morally doomed.

In the end, this country will probably implode from its own barbarism rather than be destroyed by any attack from a foreign enemy.

Let that sink in.

Jay Bonestell, Los Osos