Letters to the Editor

Change on guns is needed

Two of the most perplexing problems confronting Americans are: first, the inexplicable number of gun-related deaths occurring recently, and second, the lack of a strong government response.

Maybe this is because firearms have played an important role in American culture since the days of the frontier and their association with hunting, battles with the native population and the “lawless sociability” in frontier towns.

There was also the possible need, early in our history, for confronting with armed resistance an authoritarian government. This process harks back to the uprisings confronting a tyrannical king in early European history.

A powerful aspect is the strong role played by the NRA using its questionable interpretation of the Second Amendment to attempt to discredit any attempt by government or private parties to bring about some justifiable gun control.

There was a very forthright article in The Tribune on Oct. 18 that brought out many of the problems existing in America related with their love of guns.

Because of, or despite, this attitude, some 32,000 lives a year are lost and billions of dollars spent in attempting to bring about a reasonable solution. Certainly, there is need for a change.

W.R. Cole, Arroyo Grande