Letters to the Editor

Don’t give up Guantanamo

The recent opinion article by Mark Weisbrot — which supports Cuba’s demands that not only must the U.S. end its embargo but the U.S. must also compensate Cuba for the embargo’s damage and return our Guantanamo Bay naval base to Cuba — is ridiculous.

The embargo resulted from Cuba permitting Russian missiles to be installed on Cuban soil, threatening the lives and security of U.S. citizens. Any damages resulting from the embargo were solely the result of Fidel Castro’s stupidity and provocations.

I was stationed at Guantanamo Bay at the end of World War II prior to Castro’s revolution and know that Marines guarding the base were often knocked out at night to steal their weapons. The fine harbor at Guantanamo Bay and its air base continue to provide a naval presence in the area which is still needed. We abandoned the Panama Canal. Don’t let Barack Obama surrender Guantanamo!

Harold “Bud” Johnson, Arroyo Grande