Letters to the Editor

Try consolidation

Have you reviewed your exorbitant county property tax bill? Multiple bonds and duplications contaminate the county, leading to further economic depression. Property investors pass their increased fees and taxes to the renter.

San Luis Obispo and Atascadero are saturated with school and college bonds. The Cuesta College bond represents one of the most expensive development and refurbishment options because of no interest in “life cycle costing” to select the most reasonable option.

The six-digit salaries and benefits of administrators starting with chancellors and presidents allow nothing for improvements and maintenance. Departments must spend all, and “cost-saving award programs” do not exist.

In Cambria, a paramedic health care district special tax is added to a fire protection assessment. When the fire district was formed (1933), there was no health care district. However, the fire department paramedic service has proven itself since 2004. The duplicate health care district (formed in 1947) with its tax can justifiably be dissolved. Cal Fire, recently added, provides excessive attendance! Consolidation can lead to normal fire department services.

Lastly, there are two water bonds besides increased water enhancement charges with no significant government grant.

Werner Koch, Cambria