Letters to the Editor

Woefully inept

One way to evaluate governance is as a series of priority choices: how to collect revenues and how to spend them.

Given this premise, the administration of San Luis Obispo City Manager Katie Lichtig is found woefully inept.

When city residents voted to donate a $6 million slush fund to the city via Measure G, they likely did so with good intentions. So, how did Ms. Lichtig’s honchos respond?

First, they went right to work on the gaudy, overpriced downtown sidewalks, which were installed at the rate of $3,000 a foot.

Then, instead of properly fixing the city’s crumbling streets, they chose to leave them furrowed and jolting and, instead, to cover them with lipstick-on-a-pig “slurry seal.” They’re still horrible but, ooh, don’t they look nice?

Residents have had to endure the unintentional speed-bump ride that is upper Johnson, upper Monterey, lower Marsh and numerous other city streets for years.

Next time you bounce your way down one of these streets, you can thank Katie Lichtig. Better yet, send her an email at klichtig@slocity.org.

Maybe she’ll figure out where our hard-earned money ought to be spent.

Don’t hold your breath.

Will Powers, San Luis Obispo