Letters to the Editor

Food bank problems

What is happening to the leadership in our San Luis Obispo County food bank? Have accountability and paperwork requirements taken precedence over assisting those most in need?

New rules and regulations have caused all of the Nipomo food bank volunteers to quit. We volunteers are all retired seniors and several are veterans. We have never asked for any reimbursement for the miles we drive to make our deliveries to those who are homebound.

Recently, our team leader of many years was asked to step down. As a sign of solidarity, all remaining volunteers, including two who had 23 years of service, walked off our “jobs.”

We volunteers deliver to those who are sick or disabled and cannot get to the Nipomo Senior Center, as well as assist those in attendance who cannot carry the heavy bags to their cars. What will now happen to those who most need our help? Will the food bank chairman deliver those bags? I think not!