Letters to the Editor

Los Osos water future

In 2005, Chuck Cesena, Keith Swanson, Julie Tacker and others initiated a successful recall against the Los Osos Community Services District board. Once elected, they stopped the existing wastewater project, defaulted on the low-interest loan, refused to negotiate with water boards and put the CSD into bankruptcy. The CSD is still trying to calculate the extent of financial damage caused by Cesena, et al.

To date, legal fees for the bankruptcy are $1 million. Settlements of nearly $5 million have been paid out — all wasted taxpayer money — because of the board’s actions while Chuck was a director. Swanson was the president of Concerned Citizens of Los Osos and sued the CSD four times, again costing taxpayers!

Poor judgment and bad decisions created the mess. Now they want to take control again.

Don’t be fooled. There are huge water issues facing us. We need a CSD board with intelligent, rational people to see us through.

There are four excellent candidates; pick three: Incumbents Jon-Erik Storm and Craig Baltimore working diligently to bring the CSD out of bankruptcy. Former Marine Lou Tornatzky is an expert in technological innovation, and Paul Malykont has served on LOCAC and is another reasonable voice for Los Osos.