Letters to the Editor

Israel not to blame

As we pray for peace in the Middle East, we must add a prayer for understanding.

For many, the crisis in Gaza is very far away. When the public sees video of civilian casualties in Gaza framed as if this was Israel’s intention, it’s no wonder some get angry.

In reality, Israel has gone to great lengths to prevent civilian casualties, including warning the target neighborhood by telephone. Instead, the terrorists who run Gaza demand they stay home.

Indeed, it is exactly the Israelis’ unwillingness to kill civilians that is being used against them by Hamas — whose desire to kill Israeli civilians is signaled by the hundreds of rockets they indiscriminately launch at civilians, including their own.

Despite this presentation, Americans know better. A poll by the Pew Research Center shows that Americans side 2-to-1 with Israel over Hamas in the current crisis.

But maybe it’s because, despite the fact that Hamas missiles are raining down all over Israel, it is Jews worldwide who are under attack. In Paris, a pro-Hamas mob laid siege to a synagogue while the feckless police did nothing. Similar events have occurred throughout Europe and even close by in Los An geles. Surely none of these people are Israeli agents and don’t deserve this. Furthermore, opponents of Israel not making the distinction between Jews and Israel problematizes attacks on Israel as being seen as anything other than anti-Semitism.