Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/12

School pay scale

Again the newspapers are filled with the fact that there is no money in the till to pay our teachers. This is a hard and cold fact that could be resolved by any school board willing to take a bold step. The following are excerpts from a letter to the editor that I wrote back in 2005: 

“As a retired public school teacher of 30 years, allow me to share my simple plan for public education.

“Put every teacher, counselor and administrator on the same pay scale. In public education, the teacher is on the bottom of the pay scale. Counselors, who deal with students one-on-one, make more than a teacher who is facing up to 150 kids a day in the junior highs and high schools.

“It has always bothered me that while I was working with 150 kids a day, the counselors were sitting in their offices dealing with one kid at a time.

“The administrators make almost twice as much as a new teacher makes why? Is running a school more important than teaching kids?

“If all three were on the same pay scale, teachers would get the money they deserve and the counselors and administrators would be paid on an equal basis.”

David B. Williams

Arroyo Grande

What was the cost?

I would like to know the cost to United States taxpayers for the president’s trip to Hawaii for Christmas. I would guess it would be several million dollars to transport the president and family, plus another aircraft to transport his vehicle and security staff.

What employers in the United States provide transportation home on the holidays for their workers?

I wish The Tribune would print these costs for United States workers and taxpayers to read.

Myron May

Arroyo Grande

Leaning left

Well, Tribune, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. On Tuesdays, there’s only one page for opinions and what do you do? Excluding the editorial and one letter about water, everything else is from the left.

Paul Krugman’s column tops it all off (“A political climate of hate,” Jan. 11), plus there are three letters from people who are obviously left-leaning. Way to go, Tribune!

I guess maybe you really want conservatives to cancel their subscriptions. Is that the whole idea? Makes me wonder!

Barbara Klein

Arroyo Grande

A man of his word?

During the campaign for the state Assembly seat, Katcho Achadjian claimed his vote to support a hike of the vehicle license tax was an accident. He swore he does not support raising people’s car taxes.

Wary voters asked Achadjian to sign the no new tax pledge, but he refused, receiving the praise and endorsement of The Tribune for his stance. But then on May 20, Achadjian changed his mind and signed the pledge, committing to voters that, if elected, we had his word that he would not raise our taxes and shift Sacramento’s problems even further onto our backs.

There is now a proposal in Sacramento to once again levy a car tax to help bail the politicians out of the state’s budget mess. Achadjian’s vote will help decide whether or not the car tax goes on the June ballot. He not only gave us his word, he gave us his written pledge that he would not be another tax raiser.

Let’s hope our new Assemblyman’s debut votes in Sacramento prove him to be a man of his word and not another double-dealing politician.

Heather Moreno


The real John Pierce

I would just like to thank the kind people who knew my brother, John H. Pierce, and knew the real guy he was. For those writing without knowing him and using a printed article from 35 years ago, shame on you; what kind of a farewell was that (“Former Sheriff John Pierce dies,” Dec. 31)?  

This man went through hell from age 44 to 79, but he was tough as an old boot and as softhearted as a teddy bear. I only hope he is riding the range in heaven right now because he deserves it.

By the way, I have a grandson named John Pierce Gamboa and the name lives on with pride.

JoeAnne Latour

Carson City, Nev.

Air quality

I find it amazing how important it was for research to be done on the Nipomo mesa air quality.

After the findings were published, I find it equally amazing that the people responsible for the study would not welcome independent scientific validation of their findings, particularly since the Parks Department has to implement any air quality mitigation programs.

Marvin Byrd