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In letters to the editor: Tribune readers sound off about airport noise

Why fly out of SLO?

I read the complaints about the noise at the airport with interest. Given my experience flying out of SLO I am surprised anyone flies from here. In four attempts, two have been delayed causing me to miss my connection, once to Austin and once to Washington, D.C. In both cases it would have been much quicker and considerably cheaper to drive to the Bay Area or L.A. I would also have had a choice of airlines.

Thomas Killick, Cambria

Airport noise

The director of the expanding San Luis Obispo Airport hopes that the “public can accept the realities of having that sort of assets in your community...it comes with tremendous benefit.”

What benefit exactly? More noise, more pollution, more traffic, more need for housing, more roads? Less and less rural and quiet. Can we not stop before we’ve ruined everything in the name of money?

Mary Giacoletti, San Simeon

Wanted: peace and quiet

We live in a very noisy world. Whether it’s the airport, a busy street, a school, or a barking dog we can’t get away from it!

I lived near the airport and moved to South County because I was concerned about the noise from Tank Farm Road and the airport.

My husband and I bought our dream house but the back of the house faces Huasna Road. In the 20 years since I have lived here the traffic has drastically increased including semi-trucks going by at 6 a.m.

I feel really bad for the people by the airport because it must be awful! But what can you do whether it be airports, noisy roads, obnoxious neighbors or barking dogs? And yet, our City Council continues to approve more building, more housing leading to more traffic, congestion and noise! So what do we do? Buy earplugs? I don’t know, I give up!

Sara Medzyk, Arroyo Grande

‘Ear shattering’

I wonder if anyone who lives near the airport ever considered what the “expanison” would entail?

I know I sure didn’t. The added jets flying overhead at all hours of the day, starting around 5:30 a.m., are nerve wracking, to say the least. On top of that, they have added ACI Jet, so there are more jets flying overhead and out of the airport. And recently, the military decided to make “practice” flights out of the airport in jets that literally almost shatter my windows, not to mention what they do to my dogs and my nerves.

It is ear shattering, to say the least, and I am told there is nothing we can do about it — because it is the military. Can’t they find a less residential airport to “practice” in? Unfortunately, with the outrageous housing prices in SLO, I am stuck living right under the airport’s flight path. So much for progress.

T. Keene, San Luis Obispo

Buyer beware

I wonder if anyone living near the SLO airport considered, BEFORE BUYING, that living near an airport might mean you hear airplanes taking off and landing?

Is it necessary to post signs within 5 miles of airports, and major highways, to alert people: “NOTICE: You may be near a noise source!”?

I can sympathize with anyone who moved to a neighborhood before an airport or highway was built nearby, but I find it incredible that anyone can move near an airport or highway and then complain that it’s noisy.

I live less than 100 yards from Highway 101, and about half-a-mile from the flight path of Santa Maria Airport. I regularly hear noise. Do’h!

The most noticeable sound is the occasional C-130 plane flying less than 1,000 feet directly over my house performing touch-and-go “landings.” I live with that sound because I knew, when I moved here, that the airport was nearby.

Have we become such an ignorant society that we are no longer responsible for our actions, and expect “someone” to fix any problem we encounter?

Jim Vint, Santa Maria

No, I don’t expect a sign

In reply to Mr. Vint’s letter to the editor, “Buyer Beware!,” I am very happy for Mr. Vint that living by the highway and airport don’t bother him, because he is not one of the ignorant ones and knew what he was in for when he moved there.

I have lived by the airport for over 16 years now and have always been aware of the airport and its function. My point in my letter to the editor was about the recent expansion, additional flights and the recent landing practices of the military in a residential neighborhood. Those were the issues I addressed, not the fact that the airport makes noise. I am not that ignorant.

And as I stated, in these times, just picking up and relocating because something out of your control occurred — that perhaps because you were ignorant to the future — is not an option.

I’m sure there are more folks like me who never anticipated this happening when they moved here. And no, I did not and do not expect a “sign” informing me or anyone else that an airport or highway produces noise. That is just plain silly.

T. Keene, San Luis Obispo

Noise getting worse

T. Keene’s July 19 letter about airport noise was right on.

When we bought in Serra Meadows four years ago we were aware we were under a flight pattern. It was no big deal back then.

In the last two years the number of jets taking off has increased to 12 to 15 a day and surely will continue to do so.

I spoke with an airport official and he confirmed that he was basically powerless. The reasons we moved to SLO 20 years ago are basically gone now. The constant residential construction with no regard to water usage or road improvements to accommodate the increased traffic congestion; the building of large hotels downtown negating the former “small town” ambiance; the horribly high rents forcing local small businesses to vacate. Instead of the “SLO” life it’s now the “Santa Barbara life.”

I know what some will say: “You can always move.” And you’d be right. We do have a choice. I just wish I had a crystal ball 20 years ago.

B. Harris, San Luis Obispo

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