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Is Hotel SLO a blight or a thing of beauty? Tribune readers share their views

Trib is wrong; Hotel SLO is beautiful

I have read with much discontent the published opinions about the size, scope and architectural design of Hotel San Luis Obispo. I completely disagree with The Tribune Editorial Board’s opinion regarding Hotel SLO, as well as the numerous complaints in Letters to the Editor you have printed to help solidify your opinion.

First of all, the design aspects of this hotel are being adopted all over town (Hotel Serra, etc.) to provide great diversity in scope and feel of downtown. Blending materials to enhance architectural elements is a simple rule of design and this hotel is a beautiful addition to downtown.

When the hotel has its exterior finished and the landscaping plan is implemented, which soften the look of the hotel, you might have a different opinion.

Chris Knauer, San Luis Obispo

Too tall and shabby chic

I certainly hope your editorial asserting we “might get use to the Hotel SLO,” (“Is new Hotel SLO an eyesore?”) after a bit, is true because right now, it is a blight on the landscape.

Too tall and shabby chic, if we can even describe it as that, and has no connection to Chinatown whatsoever in its design. What was the council thinking in 2009? Are we so desperate for bed tax that we’ll let anything go through? I guess the answer is a resounding yes!

Victoria Grostick, San Luis Obispo

What’s happening to downtown?

David Brodie, Allan Cooper and The Trib’s editorial board brought much-needed attention in last Sunday’s Opinion section to what’s happening downtown. We’re losing the magic. The city needs to reverse course now.

The massive Hotel San Luis Obispo isn’t alone. Something possibly worse is in the works for the corner of Marsh and Chorro. It’s just one of several sad possibilities. To take a detailed look at everything proposed and approved, go to slocity.org. Under “Living,” click on “Maps,” then under “City Planning Maps” click on “Current Development Projects.”

The Architectural Review Commission seems to be trying to do the right thing. But Cooper and Brodie say the city, in the person of the planning director, is making end runs around public and advisory committee input and, in secret, allowing harmful changes to approved plans. Where is the City Council in this? I’d like to know. (Elections next year, people.)

A clue appeared in The Trib’s excellent June 23 report on development in the city. Planning director Michael Codron said, “to fill pockets in the urban core … makes SLO a better place to live.” Oh, really?

Bob Anderson, San Luis Obispo

New luxury hotel

I hope this project (Hotel SLO) and its outcome will prove to be a lesson on what not to do in future San Luis developments.

It is interesting that none of the original renderings shows the scale of the project, which likely was intended. A few additions to the renderings, including the Palm Theatre, the SLO REP and other surrounding neighborhood buildings would have shown this hotel as the out-of-scale structure that it is.

Additionally, why are the individual elements of the facades vertical, e.g. the windows, encompassing two stories, and not more horizontal to accent a lower height rather than a greater one?

And why would occupants of the individual rooms be interested in viewing parking garages from the balconies? Eliminate the balconies, except at levels where the slowly disappearing hills can be seen.

And more importantly, vary the building height so that it can comfortably join the adjacent existing constructions. Much of this is basic architectural design. And why brown as a major exterior color?The Central Coast sun could have given great light to other colors.

It should be expected that the project architect understands the simple rules of design that would have made this hotel more acceptable.

Terry Heinlein, San Luis Obispo

Ugly award to Hotel SLO

Firstly, please help me understand why the Pride coverage gets full page pictorial coverage and the local demonstration of hundreds protesting horrifically un-American camps at our border gets no press! I strongly support gay rights, that is not the issue. That said, surely the current policies implementing cruel and inhumane treatment on our behalf, and our dime, warrant every bit as as much attention!

On another point, Absolutely, the UGLY prize goes to Hotel SLO. Not only is it ugly, massive, and out of scale...it is plainly embarrassing to boot. Some were indeed asleep at the wheel on this one. Thank you for pointing out the unfortunate obvious.

Susan Pyburn, San Luis Obispo

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