Letters to the Editor

Flies in downtown SLO: Appalling, or just part of life?

Shoo, flies!

I am so glad you did the article on flies in The Tribune, which I receive online. As a two-month summer visitor, I was appalled with the flies last year and do not look forward to going downtown this year because if how filthy it was.

I am happy to know the city is taking this problem seriously; however, I offer up the following suggestion. The trash bins along Higuera Street are filthy and this surely is attracting bugs, flies and possibly rodents, along with pigeons.

If the city could power wash these areas more often this also might curtail the mess. This could be done with a portable power washer in order to save water and help keep this area clean.

As much as I look forward to getting out of the heat of Arizona and into better weather along the coast, I do not look forward to going downtown because it was horrible last year and your article proves it is not my imagination!

Thanks for this contribution to the local newspaper, which I so enjoy reading daily.

Nancy S. Goldman, Scottsdale, Arizona

Don’t blame plants and pigeons

A common characteristic of humans is their ability to assign blame, as seen in Adam and Eve. The blame, as the Spanish saying goes, never falls on the ground, but often, on a helpless animal or plant.

In the downtown controversy of “too many flies,” who will pay? Of course, the 500 pigeons and the ficus.Will they feel pain? No. But will they ever see offspring? No. Most species extinction is due to our blaming ability. Ask the snake.

The pigeon eats human food, due to the proliferation of outdoor eating venues. The restaurant makes money and caters to those who have it. It is money-making that causes the problem.

Have the restaurant close outdoor eating venues? Impossible. So we eradicate the pigeon and the ficus. The cash flow continues, and people continue their clueless reality.

Carmen Fojo, Los Osos

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