Letters to the Editor

Not everybody loves the Paso Robles light show

Lights? Who needs ‘em?

At a time when mounting evidence is revealing the devastating environmental impact of light pollution, we have an “artist” expressing his “talent” by placing 58,000 lights in a 15-acre meadow.

While this display is expected to attract tens of thousands of wine-sipping aficionados who will skip among the lights, oohing and ahhing at such a “marvel,” the eight-month/three seasons duration of this myopic endeavor will have an incalculable impact on the birds and insects already experiencing catastrophic declines caused by — drum roll — air and light pollution from our everyday activities.

I appreciate the concept of “Art for Arts Sake.” But is it necessary to inflict such a toll on increasingly fragile ecosystems? To limit the possibilities that our children’s world fades to black, how about a little foresight, for goodness sake?

Pete Sykes, Burlington, North Carolina

I’d rather be in Disneyland

Regarding the light display: $27 admission, seriously? Let’s just save up and go to Disneyland; horribly expensive, but more bang for your buck.

C. Tucker, Templeton

Where in the world is Devin Nunes?

As published in this paper on April 23, the SLO County Republican Party plans on hosting Congressman Devin Nunes at a private event on June 28 at an undisclosed location in southern SLO County. The SLO County Republican Party website currently shows the event, but only indicates a “special guest.”

The location of the event was recently disclosed on Twitter by the parody account, @DevinCow, which Devin Nunes is currently suing in court for defamation — Mr. Nunes apparently not being a big fan of the First Amendment to our Constitution if it allows people to say mean things about him.

Why is the SLO County Republican Party trying to keep this secret? Why is Devin Nunes sneaking around our county trying to fundraise instead of having a town hall event to listen to his own constituents in his own district (Fresno/Tulare counties), which he hasn’t done in several years?

I hope the SLO County Republican Party will reconsider having one of the moooooost divisive national figures here to fundraise in secret. First Amendment protected peaceful protests are already being planned at the entrance to the event if they decide to go through with this poorly considered plan.

Bryce Engstrom,

Arroyo Grande

Trump trade war hurts Americans

Donald’s (impetuous) trade war with China, though well intentioned, is hurting all Americans in multiple ways. Farmers in particular are suffering from a collapsing market for their goods. Many farmers cannot profit from their efforts so Trump is using taxpayers dollars to subsidize them. They need the money but that hurts all taxpayers alike, though much of the burden hurts middle-class and lower-class individuals and families the most.An increase in cost is disproportionately distributed to them.

So, too, are many industries suffering as we see in our news feeds. It is true that China has been unfair in its policies regarding business and trade, but there must be a better way to resolve things than spending our taxpayer dollars and impeding so many industries and their workers.

Rather than get involved in a macho contest of wills, Trump’s China policies need rational thought to solve the situation.

Chip Schamp, Morro Bay

MAGA hats take on new meaning

Oh, irony of ironies. All of those “Make America Great Again” hats and T-shirts have become actually meaningful regarding the upcoming general election.

Mike Stiles, Los Osos

Reduce educational costs

Per the SLO Tribune (May 5), Cal Poly is launching a $70 million fund raising program for renovations of the library, increased scholarships, empowerment of beach volley ball and a teaching and research center.

This effort, headed up by the Cal Poly Foundation and its affiliated donors, is considerably superior to Cuesta College’s reliance on county property tax bonds, taken from naive voters, supporting. An improvement is to allocate appreciable funds to reduce education costs for homeless and needy students.

Another project involves $340,000 for the new Cal Poly logo at its Welcome Center. Agreed, it’s a reminder of the Soviet Union’s hammer and sickle!

The excuse is that it’s more digital friendly. This “replacement candidate” is a waste of expenditure, starting with the creators. Again, funds should be allocated to reducing education costs.

Werner Koch, Cambria

Praise of all mothers

With Mother’s Day this month, I felt it important to acknowledge not only those who are mothers or going to be mothers, but those who did not even get the chance to be a mother to their children.

With mental health also being a focus this month, I wanted to honor the mothers who have experienced the pain of miscarriages and to encourage the end of the stigma that dictates that we as a society shouldn’t talk about it or that those mothers should be ashamed of their experiences.

They did nothing wrong. Society makes it extremely difficult for these mothers to feel comfortable coming forward and will even go to the extent to say that they aren’t mothers at all.

For whoever feels this way, I hope you never experience the loss and hardship of losing a baby as these incredibly strong women have been forced to endure. I hope these mothers know they are loved and supported. Every single one of their emotions, feelings and thoughts are valid. They are all immensely strong and not alone.

Lynn Reynolds,

San Luis Obispo

A different Fourth of July?

President Trump hints at plans to change our National July 4th celebration for the first time in 50 years during the same week he eliminated permanent press passes for journalists, establishing new, impossibly restrictive guidelines, such as having to physically be at the White House at least 50 percent of the time in the 180 days before renewal, forcing most to apply for “exceptions.” In other words, journalists will only have access to the White House at the pleasure of the president.

Plans go forward for him to address Americans at the foot of the Lincoln memorial, while he defies our balance of power by refusing to comply with congressional oversight and transfers funds from our military to his border wall again, in defiance of Congress.

While he teases us on Twitter to “save the date,” he “jokes” that he doesn’t have to step down if he loses in 2020 because America owes him two years due to the Mueller investigation.

No, “Dictator Don,” I will not watch our national July 4 celebration if you make it about you. I will change the channel if the camera pans a sea of supporters wearing MAGA hats and waving American flags, rather than the National Symphony Orchestra playing patriotic tunes and children frolicking on the lawn at the National Mall. I’ll wait and exercise my basic American right: to vote you out.

Anne Quinn, Atascadero